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CCBC Nigeria Testing Center offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the mining, shipping, insurance, ports & terminals, exploration, trading & commodity, manufacturing, government & regulatory agencies,  and research and development industries. Our advanced laboratory and skilled professionals enable us to deliver accurate and reliable results across various areas of solid mineral testing.

What We Do

CCBC Nigeria Testing Centre offers inspection, verification, analysis and testing range of laboratory and field services to diverse industries. Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of minerals, including but not limited to coal, iron ore, gold, copper, zinc, nickel, and rare earth elements. Our services include:

Physical Analysis: We conduct comprehensive physical analysis of solid minerals, including size distribution, density, particle shape, abrasion resistance, and moisture content. These tests provide valuable insights into the physical properties and characteristics of minerals.

Chemical Analysis: Our laboratory performs extensive chemical analysis to determine the elemental composition and chemical properties of solid minerals. We utilize techniques such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy to assess the concentration of various elements and detect impurities.

Mineralogical Characterization: We specialize in mineralogical characterization to identify and understand the mineral composition of solid samples. Using techniques like X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), we provide detailed information about mineral phases, crystal structure, and mineral associations.

Mineral Processing Evaluation: Our laboratory offers mineral processing evaluation services to assess the feasibility and efficiency of different mineral processing techniques. Through tests such as crushing, grinding, flotation, and gravity separation, we help optimize mineral recovery and identify the most suitable processing methods.

Metallurgical Testing: We provide metallurgical testing services to evaluate the behavior of solid minerals under various processing conditions. This includes tests such as leaching, roasting, smelting, and hydrometallurgical processes to assess the extractability and process-ability of minerals.

Environmental Analysis: We conduct environmental analysis to assess the potential environmental impact of mining and mineral processing activities. Our tests include determining heavy metal content, acid mine drainage potential, and evaluating the effectiveness of remediation techniques.

Quality Control and Certification: Our laboratory assists in quality control measures by conducting quality assurance testing and providing certification services. We ensure that solid mineral products meet industry standards, specifications, and regulatory requirements.

Research and Development Support: We collaborate with research institutions and provide support for research and development projects related to solid mineral testing. Our experts offer technical guidance, design custom testing programs, and assist in data interpretation and analysis.

Consulting and Technical Support: We offer consulting services and technical support to clients seeking expert advice on solid mineral testing. Our team of experienced professionals is available to address your queries, provide recommendations, and assist in troubleshooting.

Customized Testing Programs: We understand that every client has unique testing requirements. Hence, we offer customized testing programs tailored to specific needs. Our flexible approach ensures that you receive the most relevant and insightful testing services.

At CCBC Nigeria Testing Centre, we are committed to delivering exceptional services, accurate results, and valuable insights to our clients. Contact us today to discuss your testing needs and discover how our comprehensive range of services can benefit your organization.

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