Our Process


  • Step 1Discuss Your Need

    Step 1

    Request Consultation

    Request a consultation on the material to be inspected or tested. You will be required to fill out a form, kindly review the content of the document and append your signature.

  • Step 2Submission

    Step 2

    Sample Submission

    Submit your product sample with technical specifications and instructions. This will enable our team to provide an accurate assessment of the standards that may apply to your product

  • Step 3Invoice & payment

    Step 3

    Invoice & Payment

    CCBC laboratory will conduct a preliminary evaluation and provide an invoice for the inspection and testing fees. You will be issued a receipt upon confirmation of your payment.

  • Step 4Sample Testing

    Step 4

    Sample/Material Testing

    Once all the above has been completed, we will commence the project and an account manager will be in touch with you directly to keep communication going until the completion of your project.

  • Step 5Test Report Issuance

    Step 5

    Test Report Issuance

    Upon commencement and completion of the testing on your sample or material, the full inspection report of our findings, detailed analysis with recommendations and unbiased conclusions will be issued and made available to you in PDF format via email or as hard copy (paper).

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